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WarioWare: Move It! PC
WarioWare: Move It! PC

WarioWare: Move It! PC

Nintendo created and released the party game WarioWare: Move It! PC for the Wii in 2009 and the Nintendo Switch in 2023. This is the first WarioWare game to employ motion controls; it is the sixth game in the series. There are many different kinds of microgames in the game, which are quick, easy games that you have to finish in a few seconds. To finish the microgames, players must take different actions with the Wii Remote or Joy-Con controllers, such as swinging, tilting, or shaking it.

There is currently no official PC port of WarioWare: Move It! However, there are a number of unofficial emulators that can be used to play the Wii version of the game on a PC. One popular emulator is Dolphin, which is an open-source emulator that supports a wide variety of Wii games.

To play WarioWare: Move It! on PC using Dolphin, you will need to download the emulator and the Wii ROM of the game. Once you have both of these files, you can open Dolphin and load the ROM to start playing the game.


Using Mouse and Keyboard